Our Services

  • Purpose-Driven Planning Aligned with your Life

    More than just helping you meet your financial goals. We help align your lifestyle, aspirations and even your concerns with an all-encompassing financial plan to enable you to invest with purpose. By gaining a full understanding of your objectives, we offer solutions tailored to what you want to achieve.

  • Shift the Focus from Asset Management to Financial Life Management

    We attempt to provide you with a sense of control over your financial resources. By understanding what’s important to you and identifying your priorities, we strive to deliver confidence through a comprehensive financial roadmap that keeps your long-term financial destination in sight.

  • Navigate the Maze of Long-Term Care (LTC)

    Through sound advice and advanced planning strategies we guide seniors and their families in making wise choices that lessen the economic impact of a transition away from home. Our approach to helping families avoid the financial crisis that care-related expenses can create is two-fold:

    • With an understanding of complex government benefit programs, we develop a customized financial plan that identifies resources to subsidize your care costs.
    • Integrating careful analysis with support from the American Academy of Benefit Planners – an organization with expertise and resources on the intricacies of government benefits – we help bridge the gap between the cost of care and income while protecting assets from depletion.

Offering financial solutions and support before, during and after any significant life transitions. How can we support you? Contact Steele Capital Management at (877) 658-0354 or [email protected] to find out how dedicated we are to your goals.